教室セミナー 2012年


第271回 2012/1/10 笹本 Yongwoo Jang, et al. (2012) Axonal Neuropathy-associated TRPV4 Regulates Neurotrophic factor-derived Axonal Growth. J Biol Chem. 287(8), 6014-24.
第272回 2012/1/16 吉村 Jorge Ivan Alvarez, et al. (2011) The Hedgehog Pathway Promotes
Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity and CNS Immune Quiescence. Science. 334(6063), 1727-31.
第273回 2012/1/23 成田 Lea Goentoro and Marc W. Kirschner (2009) Evidence that Fold-Change, and Not Absolute Level, of b-Catenin Dictates Wnt Signaling. Mol Cell. 36(5), 872-84.
第274回 2012/1/30 竹田 ①Byung-Chang Suh, et al. (2006) Rapid Chemically Induced Changes of PtdIns(4,5)P2 Gate KCNQ Ion Channels. Science. 314(5804), 1454-7.
②Toru Komatsu1, (2010) Organelle-Specific, Rapid Induction of Molecular Activities and Membrane Tethering. Nat Methods. 7(3), 206-8.
第275回 2012/2/6 笹本 J. L. Stubbs, et al. (2012) Multicilin promotes centriole assembly and ciliogenesis during multiciliate cell differentiation. Nat Cell Biol. 14(2), 140-7.
第276回 2012/2/14 吉村 ①Ji-Won Han, et al. (2011) Promyogenic function of Integrin/FAK signaling is mediated by Cdo, Cdc42 and MyoD. Cell Signal. 23(7), 1162-9.
②Diane L. Sherman, (2012) Arrest of Myelination and Reduced Axon Growth When Schwann Cells Lack mTOR. J Neurosci. 32(5), 1817-25.
第277回 2012/2/20 成田 Duan-Sun Zhang, (2012) Multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry reveals slow protein turnover in hair-cell stereocilia. Nature. 481(7382), 520-4.
第278回 2012/2/29 竹田 ①Hiroaki Ishikawa, et al. (2012) Proteomic Analysis of Mammalian Primary Cilia. Curr Biol. 22(5), 414-9.
②Michaela Wilsch-BraÅNuninger, et al. (2012) Basolateral rather than apical primary cilia on neuroepithelial cells committed to delamination. Development. 139(1), 95-105.
第279回 2012/3/5 笹本 Ben Chih, (2011) A ciliopathy complex at the transition zone protects the cilia as a privileged membrane domain. Nat Cell Biol. 14(1), 61-72.
第280回 2012/3/13 笹本 3月5日の再発表
第281回 2012/3/19 竹田、成田、有松、二俣 第117回解剖学会総会発表予行
第282回 2012/4/2 有松 Helen J Blair, (2011) Evc2 is a positive modulator of Hedgehog
signalling that interacts with Evc at the cilia membrane and is also found in the nucleus. BMC Biol. Feb 28, 9-14.
第283回 2012/4/9 河田 Chang CF., et al. (2012) Depletion of primary cilia in articular chondrocytes results in reduced Gli3 repressor to activator ratio, increased Hedgehog signaling, and symptoms of early osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 20(2):152-61.
第284回 2012/4/16 吉村 Luisa Izzi., et al. (2011) Boc and Gas1 Each Form Distinct Shh Receptor Complexes with Ptch1 and Are Required for Shh-Mediated Cell Proliferation. Dev Cell. 20(6), 788-801.
第285回 2012/4/23 成田 Rivka A. et al. (2012) Combining Cep290 and Mkks ciliopathy
alleles in mice rescues sensory defects and restores ciliogenesis. J Clin Invest. 122(4):1233-45.
第286回 2012/5/1 竹田 ①Akihito Inoko, et al (2012) Trichoplein and Aurora A block aberrant primary cilia assembly in proliferating cells. J Cell Biol. 197(3):391-405.
②Wann AK., Knight MM. (2012) Primary cilia elongation in response to interleukin-1 mediates the inflammatory response. Cell Mol Life Sci. Apr 6.
③Matthew E. Hodges, et al. (2010) Reconstructing the evolutionary history of the centriole from protein components. J Cell Sci. 123(Pt 9):1407-13.
第287回 2012/5/7 有松 Fuchuan Li, et al. (2011) Glypican-5 stimulates rhabdomyosarcoma cell
proliferation by activating Hedgehog signaling. J Cell Biol. 192(4):691-704.
第288回 2012/5/21 竹田、河田 第68回日本顕微鏡学会報告会、Choi SJ., et al. (2010) Mutant DLX 3 disrupts odontoblast polarization and dentin formation. Dev Biol. 344(2):682-92.
第289回 2012/5/28 吉村 Kim HY., et al. (2011) Hepatitis B virus X protein stimulates the Hedgehog-Gli activation through protein stabilization and nuclear localization of Gli1 in liver cancer cells. Cancer Lett. 309(2):176-84.
第290回 2012/6/5 成田 Swapnil K. Sonkusare, et al. (2012) Elementary Ca2+ Signals Through Endothelial TRPV4 Channels Regulate Vascular Function. Science. 336(6081):597-601.
第291回 2012/6/11 竹田 ①Treiber CD., et al. (2012) Clusters of iron-rich cells in the upper beak of pigeons are macrophages not magnetosensitive neurons. Nature. 484(7394):367-70.
②Henrik Mouritsen, (2012) Sensory biology: Search for the compass needles. Nature. 484(7394):320-1.
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第292回 2012/6/18 有松 Volker Fendrich et al. (2011) Ectopic Overexpression of Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) Induces Stromal Expansion and Metaplasia in the Adult Murine Pancreas. Neoplasia. 13(10):923-30.
第293回 2012/6/25 大舘 ①Blum M., et al. (2007) Ciliation and gene expression distinguish between node and posterior notochord in the mammalian embryo. Differentiation. 75(2):133-46.
②Jeffrey J. Essner, et al. (2002) Conserved function for embryonic nodal cilia. Nature. 418(6893):37-8.
第294回 2012/7/4 河田 ①D.R. Rich, A.L. Clark (2012) Chondrocyte primary cilia shorten in response to osmotic challenge and are sites for endocytosis. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. (8):923-30.
②Anahi Molla-Herman et al.. (2011) The ciliary pocket: an endocytic membrane domain at the base of primary and motile cilia. Biol Cell. 103(3):131-44.
第295回 2012/7/9 吉村 ①Kakisaka K., et al. (2012) A Hedgehog Survival Pathway in ‘Undead’ Lipotoxic Hepatocytes. J Hepatol. May 26.
②Ivo Spiegel1 and Elior Peles (2009) A novel method for isolating Schwann cells using the extracellular
domain of Necl1. J Neurosci Res. 87(15):3288-96.
第296回 2012/7/17 成田 Rainer Strotmann1 et al. (2010) Interdomain Interactions Control Ca2+-Dependent Potentiation in the Cation Channel TRPV4. PLoS One. 5(5).
第297回 2012/7/23 竹田 ①Sathyanesan M., et al. (2012) A molecular characterization of the choroid plexus and stress-induced gene regulation. Transl Psychiatry. Jul 10;2:e139.
②Karel F. Liem Jr., et al. (2012) The IFT-A complex regulates Shh signaling through
cilia structure and membrane protein trafficking. J Cell Biol. 197(6):789-800.
③Francesc R. Garcia-Gonzalo and Jeremy F. Reiter (2012) Scoring a backstage pass: Mechanisms of
ciliogenesis and ciliary access. J Cell Biol. 197(6):697-709.
第298回 2012/7/31 有松 Jérôme Roncalli et al. (2011) Sonic-hedgehog-induced functional recovery after myocardial infarction is enhanced by AMD3100-mediated progenitor-cell mobilization. J Am Coll Cardiol. 57(24):2444-52.
第299回 2012/8/6 大舘 8月23日リトリート有松予行、Kyosuke Shinohara, et al. (2012) Two rotating cilia in the node cavity are sufficient to break left-right symmetry in the mouse embryo. Nat Commun. Jan 10;3:622.
第300回 2012/9/3 河田、有松 ①Satu Massinen., et al. (2011) Increased Expression of the Dyslexia Candidate Gene DCDC2 Affects Length and Signaling of Primary Cilia in Neurons. PLoS One.;6(6):e20580.
②THOMAS J. JONES, et al. (2012) Primary Cilia Regulates the Directional Migration and Barrier Integrity of Endothelial Cells Through the Modulation of Hsp27 Dependent Actin Cytoskeletal Organization. J Cell Physiol. 227(1):70-6.
第301回 2012/9/10 吉村 Andrea E. Lo Ré et al. (2012) Novel AKT1-GLI3-VMP1 Pathway Mediates KRAS Oncogene-induced Autophagy in Cancer Cells. J Biol Chem. ;287(30):25325-34.
第302回 2012/9/24 成田 Benedicte Delaval (2011) The cilia protein IFT88 is required for spindle orientation in mitosis. Nat Cell Biol. 13(4):461-8.
第303回 2012/10/1 竹田 ①Hideyuki Miyoshi et al. (2011) Pathogenesis of lipid metabolism disorder in hepatitis C: Polyunsaturated fatty acids counteract lipid alterations induced by the core protein. J Hepatol. 54(3):432-8.
②Kazuhiko Koike, Kyoji Moriya and Yoshiharu Matsuura (2010) Animal models for hepatitis C and related liver disease. Hepatol Res. 40(1):69-82.
③Kyoji Moriyaet al. (2001) Increase in the Concentration of Carbon 18 Monounsaturated Fatty Acids in the Liver with Hepatitis C: Analysis in Transgenic Mice and Humans. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 281, 1207-1212.
第304回 2012/10/10 有松 Limor Landsman, Audrey Parent, and Matthias Hebrok (2011) Elevated Hedgehog/Gli signaling causes β-cell dedifferentiation in mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108(41):17010-5.
第305回 2012/10/16 大舘 ①Leonie Alten1 et al. (2012) Differential regulation of node formation, nodal ciliogenesis and cilia positioning by Noto and Foxj1. Development. 139(7):1276-84.
②Anja Beckers et al. (2007) The mouse homeobox gene Noto regulates node morphogenesis, notochordal ciliogenesis, and left-right patterning. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 104(40):15765-70. Erratum in: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 104(44):17554.
第306回 2012/10/22 小川、中村 これまでの研究内容、単一分子イオントラップを用いた極微量生体分子分析法の開発
第307回 2012/10/29 河田 ①Maria Almeida et al. (2011) Glucocorticoids and Tumor Necrosis Factor _ Increase Oxidative Stress and Suppress Wnt Protein Signaling in Osteoblasts. J Biol Chem. 286(52):44326-35.
②Vivi M. Heine et al. (2010) Dexamethasone Destabilizes Nmyc to Inhibit the Growth of Hedgehog-Associated Medulloblastoma. Cancer Res. 70(13):5220-5.
第308回 2012/11/5 吉村 ①Kohji Moriishi and Yashiharu Matsuura (2012) Exploitation of lipid components by viral and host proteins
for hepatitis C virus infection. Front Microbiol. 3:54. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2012.00054.
②Yusuke Miyanari et al. (2007) The lipid droplet is an important organelle for hepatitis C virus production. Nat Cell Biol. 9(9):1089-97. Erratum in: Nat Cell Biol. (2007) 9(10):1216.
第309回 2012/11/12 成田 Jing Wang et al. (2012) The Arf GAP ASAP1 provides a platform to regulate Arf4- and Rab11-Rab8-mediated ciliary receptor targeting. EMBO J. 31(20):4057-71.
第310回 2012/11/19 竹田 ①Benjamin D. Engel et al. (2012) The role of retrograde intraflagellar transport in flagellar assembly, maintenance, and function. J Cell Biol. 199(1):151-67.
②Yujie Li et al. (2012) SUMOylation of the small GTPase ARL-13 promotes ciliary targeting of sensory receptors. J Cell Biol. 199(4):589-98.
③RaphaeÅNl Gaudin, Bruna Cunha de Alencar, Mabel Jouve (2012) Critical role for the kinesin KIF3A in the HIV life cycle in primary human macrophages. J Cell Biol. 199(3):467-79.
第311回 2012/11/26 有松 Brahma N. Singh et al. (2011) Hedgehog Signaling Antagonist GDC-0449 (Vismodegib) Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cell Characteristics: Molecular Mechanisms. PLoS One. 6(11):e27306.
第312回 2012/12/4 大舘 Satoko Yoshiba et al. (2012) Cilia at the Node of Mouse Embryos Sense Fluid Flow for Left-Right Determination via Pkd2. Science. 338(6104):226-31.
第313回 2012/12/10 小川(中村) 研究計画と進渉報告、①Kohei Jobu et al. (2012) Metabolomics Study on the Biochemical Profiles of Odor Elements in Urine of Human with Bladder Cancer. Biol Pharm Bull. 35(4):639-42.
②Jiangjiang Liu, R. Graham Cooks and Zheng Ouyang (2011) Biological Tissue Diagnostics Using Needle Biopsy and Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Anal Chem. 83(24):9221-5.
第314回 2012/12/25 竹田,成田 ASCB報告会