教室セミナー 2010年


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第186回 2010/2/15 関谷 Aizawa H. et al. (2005) Laterotopic representation of left-right information onto the dorso-ventral axis of a zebrafish midbrain target nucleus. Curr Biol. 15(3), 238-43.
第187回 2010/2/22 三澤 Dun SL. et al. (2010) Neuronostatin is co-expressed with somatostatin and mobilizes calcium in cultured rat hypothalamic neurons. ience. 166(2), 455-63.
第188回 2010/3/8 田川 ① Sch_fer KC. et al. (2009) In vivo, in situ tissue analysis using rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 48(44), 8240-2.② 質量分析とイオン化法の手技と理論の説明
第189回 2010/3/15 佐藤 Zhu C. et al. (2009) Cooper-Kuhn C, Kuhn HG, Blomgren K. Age-dependent regenerative responses in the striatum and cortex after hypoxia-ischemia. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 29(2), 342-54.
第190回 2010/3/23 三澤、
第191回 2010/4/5 垣沼 Wen X. et al. (2010) Kinetics of hedgehog-dependent full-length Gli3 accumulation in primary cilia and subsequent degradation.  Mol Cell Biol. 30(8), 1910-22.
第192回 2010/4/12 吉村 Nolan-Stevaux O. et al. (2009) GLI1 is regulated through Smoothened-independent mechanisms in neoplastic pancreatic ducts and mediates PDAC cell survival and transformation. Genes Dev. 23(1), 24-36.
第193回 2010/4/19 成田 Guirao B. et al. (2010) Coupling between hydrodynamic forces and planar cell polarity orients mammalian motile cilia. Nat Cell Biol. 12(4), 341-50.
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第197回 2010/5/24 垣沼 Cervantes S. et al. (2010) Primary cilia regulate Gli/Hedgehog activation in pancreas. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107(22), 10109-14.
第198回 2010/5/31 吉村 Cotter L. et al. (2010) Dlg1-PTEN interaction regulates myelin thickness to prevent damaging peripheral nerve overmyelination. Science. 328(5984), 1415-8.
第199回 2010/6/7 成田 Kim J. et al. (2010) Functional genomic screen for modulators of ciliogenesis and cilium length. Nature. 464(7291), 1048-51.
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第201回 2010/6/21 関谷 Christen G.et al. (2010) Pcdp1 is a central apparatus protein that binds
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第202回 2010/6/28 垣沼 Schneider L.et al. (2010) Directional cell migration and chemotaxis in wound healing response to PDGF-AA are coordinated by the primary cilium in fibroblasts. Cell Physiol Biochem. 25(2-3), 279-92.
第203回 2010/7/5 笹本 Barbieri F. et al. (2008) Somatostatin Receptors 1, 2, and 5 Cooperate in the Somatostatin Inhibition of C6 Glioma Cell Proliferation in Vitro via a Phosphotyrosine Phosphatase-{eta}-Dependent Inhibition of Extracellularly Regulated Kinase-1/2. Endocrinology 149, 4736-4746.
第204回 2010/7/12 吉村 Zbinden M. et al. (2010) NANOG regulates glioma stem cells and is essential in vivo acting in a cross-functional network with GLI1 and p53. EMBO J. 29(15), 2659-74.
第205回 2010/7/26 成田 Dishinger JF. et al. (2010) Ciliary entry of the kinesin-2 motor KIF17 is regulated by importin-beta2 and RanGTP. Nat Cell Biol. 12(7), 703-10.
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第208回 2010/8/30 笹本 Jin H. et al. (2010) The Conserved Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Proteins Assemble a Coat that Traffics Membrane Proteins to Cilia. Cell 141, 1208-1219.
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第214回 2010/10/12 笹本 Yun HM. et al. (2010) Physical Interaction of Jab1 with Human Serotonin 6 G-protein-coupled Receptor and Their Possible Roles in Cell Survival.
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第217回 2010/11/1 成田 Tissir F. (2010) Lack of cadherins Celsr2 and Celsr3 impairs ependymal ciliogenesis, leading to fatal hydrocephalus. Nat Neurosci. 13(6), 700-7.
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